Garage Sale Mystery Movies

Over the last 2 1/2yrs now, I’ve been playing Det. Frank Lynwood on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel’s ongoing movie serial Garage Sale Mystery.  I just finished my 7th movie of the series this month actually (Feb. 2017).  They’re fun movies to do and what makes it even better, is I get to do almost all my scenes against the very lovey lead sleuth – Lori Loughlin.  “Tough Job”

Everyone who’s a fan of the series can expect a BIG summer of Garage Sale Mystery’s this year!  The month of August is GSM Month on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.  You get one new movie a week!  That a lot of new murder solving for the antique store lady! 🙂

Here’s the IMDB description from the last one, Art of Murder: “While setting up a charity garage sale, Jennifer Shannon discovers a body in the attic of a nearby home. Using her eye for detail, as well as her experience with antiques and murder, Jennifer puts together clues that help catch a killer.”